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How to organize the move on your own?

If you decide to organize the moving office with the help of your employees, make it clear to everyone that they are really needed and that they are a part of a friendly team. Arm yourself with patience, optimism, and:

  • carry out an audit
  • pick a responsible person to look after the process
  • quantify the amount of work
  • pack and label stuff according to their category
  • if necessary, dismantle furniture with or without a professional
  • order movers with a truck
  • to coordinate the work of the movers, divide the employees into two groups: one group will be watching the loading in the old office; the other will be watching the unloading in the new office
  • respect common courtesy: clean up

We don’t know how convincing are the reasons for such a radical moving office, but it is clear that the employees definitely deserve a reception in the new office.

Probably you will think about ordering a move from a company.

How to transport office equipment?

office moving 2
  • create a data backup; carefully disconnect and label all wires to peripheral devices
  • after disassembling, pack the office equipment properly. The original (native) packaging is just perfect; rigid foam or cardboard will keep office equipment intact when moving. Use bubble wrap as additional protective material. Place the cords together with the equipment. Be sure to label the boxes!
  • put your belongings in the truck properly. It is better to entrust this work to professionals.

You can quickly settle in a new office and get to work without breaking your usual schedule in just three steps.

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