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How to pack stuff?

It is better to start packing in advance. The main principle is relevance. Follow it until you are left only with the essentials to bring along to a new place.

Start with the back shelves, revise your things and get rid of all the unnecessary ones (plus, you will need fewer boxes 😄). Make sure to label the boxes. Pay more attention to valuables and fragile things; household appliances and furniture. These are our small recommendations filled with major importance. Do you want to see them in use? Moving home is the best time for this.

How to pack things properly?

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Expertly, we can say that:

  • put books magazines, albums into boxes in such a way that they are half filled. Then, fill the rest with lighter stuff
  • pack pillows, covers and other large stuff into several bags. Wrap them with tape.
  • pack clothes for each family member into separate boxes. Make them theme-based: pants, shirts, underwear, etc.
  • vacuum bags are best to make your stuff compacted
  • use large things to transport small things. This trick works well for packaging kitchen utensils and other small things.

The package content must be closely packed; strengthen the bottom of boxes with tape, this will make them more sturdy. Boston Movers professionals are ready to share their experience and give advice. Here is a kind request: do not waste your energy on packing furniture and household appliances. Entrust it to us, experts in this field.

On the Threshold of Zero Hour

how to pack stuff 3

Even if your moving home is carried out on a turnkey basis, it is necessary that you do the following:

  • make food for each family member
  • ask relatives to look after children
  • pick a set of clothes for everyone
  • pack boxes with essentials
  • take care of animals
  • plan the furniture placement in a new house
  • check the working capacity of the elevators at both old and new points of residence
  • agree upon a convenient place of loading and unloading with your neighbors
  • get in touch with the manager of a moving company
  • tank energy and go to bed

Our professionals will arrive on time!

The most significant day

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Start the moving day’s morning with a good breakfast that will grant you good mood. You’ve made a lot of preparations, and the moving process will go with no fuss with the professional help of Boston movers experts.

Pay a little more of your attention to things at the stage of loading, transporting and unloading: go through the empty rooms, see if you took everything along; then make sure the truck is clean (all items must be unloaded). Once the moving is done, you will be tremendously relieved and feel the complete power over everything. We are always happy to see people experiencing this feeling.

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