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What would make up the ideal moving service for you? It likely includes responsive, professional service that gets your moving plan together right away. It likely includes Boston to Detroit movers that don’t mind navigating tiny roadways or carrying your belongings up and down the stairs. It likely includes a cost for moving from Boston to Detroit that makes you smile. That’s why we’re so eager to get started—we provide all of the above and more to make your move hassle-free. You see, we’re among the most experienced movers in the nation. We’ve perfected our craft to come up with the most efficient service possible, and we’ve come across every obstacle, so we know how to overcome them all. We’re the Boston to Detroit moving company chosen more than any other, and we’re eager to show you why.


It’s only natural to be concerned about the safety and whereabouts of your belongings throughout the 700-mile journey to Detroit. So, in addition to regular updates from our Boston to Detroit moving team, you’ll have access to GPS tracking to monitor the progress of our moving vehicle from start to finish.

Furniture Disassembly & Reassembly

One of the top concerns of anyone moving is how to handle their bulky, oddly-shaped furniture. Our trained moving specialists have the knowledge and tools necessary to safely disassemble your furniture to prepare it for transportation, and to then reassemble that furniture according to your preference in your new Detroit home.

Moving Insurance

We’re the movers from Boston to Detroit that are committed to relieving all stress and anxiety from your moving process. In that endeavor, we always include comprehensive moving insurance that delivers total peace of mind. We do everything it takes to make your moving experience as easy on you as possible.

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Why Move to Detroit?

Moving from Boston to Detroit requires 700 miles across states and in between some of the Great Lakes. Yet it’s all worth it once you see everything this Michigan city has to offer. First of all, Detroit is a sort of birthplace of all kinds of music, both on the local and national stage. And if you’re a fan of great architecture, you’ll be in the right place. Art deco architecture thrives in this storied city, giving your eyes plenty to feast on as you walk through the downtown area. The Motor City also provides the opportunity to get a unique look at the history of the automotive industry thanks to one-of-a-kind museums that would only be fitting for Detroit. And one thing that often goes unmentioned about this city is just how friendly the people are. That, mixed with the prevalence of single-family homes rather than towering apartment buildings, gives you more of a small town feel than you might expect.

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